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Our aim is to bring to you the finest range of quality Fishing Flies, Rods, Reels and Other Products. Whether you are starting out or the most dedicated International Angler, our product range has been designed to give you the decided advantage.

All our V Fly Fishing Accessories have been tried and tested in the most demanding of fishing environments by world-class anglers to ensure that they will deliver the performance that you demand and are of the quality that you expect. We offer a range of products from other leading manufactures that compliment our own range and that we believe perform to our exacting standards.

Our range of products has been developed in conjunction with Richard Vainer and many other well known International World Class Anglers and Fly Tiers, to bring to you the ultimate collection for every destination. We are proud to offer you a range of flies that have the essential profile and shape, combined with stunning colour combinations, they are hand tied on only the best quality hooks and tubes using the finest selected materials from around the world.


Many anglers forget that the first point of contact with the fish is the most important and we believe that the fly is the starting point. We have reverse engineered our thinking and have worked from the fly back through the Leader, Fly Line, Fly Rod then Fly Reel to give the best balanced approach to deliver the fly to the fish and make your fishing experiences more enjoyable.

Here at V Fly Fishing Accessories our passion is angling and our focus is on quality and service. We hope that you will have as much fun and success when using our products as we had in designing an testing them

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