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VFly Marabou
V Fly Blak Marabou Trout Nymph Fly

With the addition of a marabou tail which imparts more life to the pattern it fishes well with a slow retrieve on any line to imitate nothing specifically but could be taken for a large buzzer or imature Damsel.

VFly Pearl
V Fly Pearl Trout Nymph Fly

A best seller.This variation is tied with jungle cock cheeks as well as a pearly tinsel rib over the peacock herl body, a generic nymph pattern that imitates a broad range of natural food.

VFly Nugget Creeper Gold
V Fly Nugget Creeper Gold Trout Nymph Fly

Stonefly Nymphs are an important food source for game fish the world over, they can be taken for Stoneflies large Dragonfly Larva or even large Shrimp or immature Crayfish. Fish slowly along the bottom which is the naturals habitat.

VFly Leading Bug Size 12
V Fly Leading Bug Size 12 Trout Nymph Fly

A very effective style of fly, perfect for when fish are chasing highly mobile patterns.

VFly Reverse Cat Size 10
V Fly Reverse Cat Size 10 Trout Nymph Fly

A nymph that have proved highly effective when stalking clear water fisheries for large Trout.

£ 1.10

VFly Reverse Size 10
V Fly Reverse Size 10 Nymph Fly

A nymph that have proved highly effective when stalking clear water fisheries for large Trout.

VFly Marabou Gold
V Fly Marabou Gold Trout Nymph

A best seller. A smaller sized Damsel pattern with a gold bead and realistic looking green eyes is worth trying when larger patterns don't work with wary Trout. Great all season pattern fished from 4 inches to 10 feet down.

VFly Rubber Leg
V Fly Rubber Leg Size 10 Trout Nymph

The addition of fine rubber legs adds to it appeal, even the slowest of retrieves will impart take inducing movement to the fly. It will take fish all over the world on both still and running waters on any line.

£ 1.00

Two Tone Super Epoxy Buzzer Trout Flies
Two Tone Super Epoxy Buzzer Trout Flies

This buzzer pattern is now one of the top patterns for trout all over the UK. A must have to fall back on for those difficult days, avoid the blank in the buzzer hatch, these can produce fish at any time of the year our number 1 Stillwater buzzer pattern. Tied on size 12 scorpion buzzer hooks. Come in black and olive