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Stonfo Hook Eye Cleaning Tool
Stonfo Hook Eye Cleaning Tool

A useful tool for cleaning the eye of a hook or picking out knots from nylon etc. The fully retractable need has a conical point and it comes with a soft touch handle.

£ 10.99

VFly Sunray Shadow
V Fly Sunray Shadow Salmon Tube Fly

Coneheads impart an exciting action to the fly and get down in the water quickly.

Stonfo Quick Release Tool
Stonfo Quick Release Tool

High quality disgorger with shaped tubular head, designed for quick hook release without damaging fly or fish. Indispensable for the catch and release. 
In three sizes: Small, Medium, Large.

VFly Tiger Tail Willie Gunn
V Fly Tiger Tail Willie Gunn 3/4" Salmon Tube Fly

Designed by Ron Sutherland, these stunning Tiger Coneheads are taking the salmon world by storm. Ron is always thinking out of box when it comes to modern fly design and "Tigers" are quite simply the new kids on the block. These are super aggressive tubes that work at home and abroad, you saw them here first!

VFly Hitch Black Yellow
V Fly Hitch Black Yellow 3/4" Salmon Tube Fly

A great choice for low water in the summer and when using the deadly riffled hitch.

VFly Bucktail Mixed Colours
V Fly Bucktail Mixed Colours

6 pieces of popular colours.

£ 5.99