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VFly RS Tiger Francis
V Fly Ultimate Tiger Francis

The Tiger Tail has injected the legendary Red Frances with another dimension. The Tiger Frances will terrorize salmon anywhere they swim. Swing these deep when the going gets tough and get ready for some smash takes.

VFly Clouser Foxy Hot Legs
VFly Clouser Foxy Hot Legs

Essential pattern for targeting Bonefish on the flats.

VFly Homer Shrimpson
V Fly Homer Shrimpson Saltwater Fly

Essential pattern for targeting Bonefish on the flats.

Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon
Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon

Tough, durable, exceptional value, and one of the most reliable around, no wonder it is the market leader and primary choice for fly fishers everywhere. Favoured by many competition anglers for its knot strength and abrasion resistance.

VFly Classic Dee Monkey
V Fly Classic Dee Monkey Conehead 3/4" Salmon Tube Fly

Ron Sutherland has used his great experience in salmon fishing on a huge range of rivers to construct eye-catching flies that work! Blending innovative design with modern materials is Ron's specialty and this has led him to devise a range of super cone head tubes which are taking the market by storm.

VFly RS Super Snaelda Cascade
V Fly RS Super Snaelda Cascade Salmon Tube Fly

The original SuperSnaelda designed by Ron Sutherland. By blending the deadly properties of the Frances and Snaelda tubes, the two most successful flies in Iceland, this fly has it all. Fish this fly with confidence If you have not fished this style before. The Orange black & yellow colour combination ensures this aggressive looking tube will keep catching many salmon at home or abroad.

VFly Rubber Leg
V Fly Rubber Leg

These conehead tubes are absolutely deadly for South American Sea trout. A blend of arctic fox, marabou and super tantalising rubber legs add sensational movement which has ferocious sea-trout chasing these all day.

VFly Blue White
V Fly Blue White Big Fish Deceiver Size 2/0 Saltwater Fly

Originated by the great Lefty Kreh back in the late 1950s, this style of streamer is considered one of the world's top saltwater game fish flies. Our interpretations continue this tradition. Perfect for all saltwater predators.

VFly Tay Raider
V Fly Tay Raider Double Salmon Fly

Top pattern on Tay from April onwards when the water warms up and the fish are running, has prooved its self on may other rivers too for fresh running fish.

Fulling Mill 'Fly Patch' Fishing Caps
Fulling Mill 'Fly Patch' Orange Fishing Cap

Different from all the rest, as this cap is designed for fishermen. Long, dark visor to eradicate glare. Built-in Velcro patch on peak for fly storage and drying. Avaliable in burnt orange one size fits all.

£ 18.95