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About us

V Fly Fishing was born out of the need to find the best usable fly fishing equipment for the needs of the modern travelling angler. Having been a destination fly fisherman since 1988, I understand how challenging it is to find quality, reliable tackle to meet the demands in the most extremes of climate and location. In my travels across the world I have met many interesting and experienced anglers, and it has been from these encounters that the idea was formed to bring together a complete range of product to satisfy the demands of anglers, both at home and overseas.

From our humble beginnings, offering a limited selection of flies, our aim is to locate the finest fishing tackle, clothing, and accessories to expand our range of quality products, to further enhance your angling experience.

To contact us by Email it's, vfly@hotmail.co.uk

To speak with one of the team during the day call us on, 018907 71270



Role in company - Founder of V Fy Fishing.
Age he started fishing - 8 years old.
Favourite type of fishing - Salmon fishing.
Best fishing trip - So many but if I had to choose just one it would be, Alta 2014
Best fishing tip - Quality, balanced fishing tackle is key.


Role in company - Chief product tester.
Age he started fishing - 5 years old.
Favourite type of fishing - Salmon
Best fishing trip - The river Alta in 2000
Best fishing tip - Don't give up and keep hopeful!


Role in company - IT director.
Age she started fishing - 10 years old.
Favourite type of fishing - Trout & Salmon fishing
Best fishing trip - All the trips she's made to the Tweed.
Best fishing tip - Pheromones work every time!